Storing Your Christmas Decorations for the Year

An artificial Christmas tree and snowman stocking folded in a cardboard box.

Storing Your Christmas Decorations for the Year

While you may not be ready to let go of the festive spirit until a few days after Christmas, the holiday season eventually must come to a close. As you say goodbye to Santa and bid farewell to this year’s festivities, it quickly becomes time to get organized and pack up all your decorations until they’re needed again next winter.

However, finding a convenient place to store your many pieces of Yuletide décor can often be tricky. You also want to ensure your things are securely stowed away, as many holiday decorations are fragile. This blog from the experts at KO Storage will provide some helpful holiday decoration storage tips and explain how you can declutter your Christmas decorations.

Where To Store Holiday Decorations

Many people look for a place for Christmas decoration storage every year. Keeping boxes hidden in your basement, closet, or other at-home storage space is a common choice, though shuffling items around to create enough space can often be a hassle. Attics and garages are also frequent options, though these spaces are not regulated and can lead to damage.

Investing in one of KO Storage’s climate-controlled storage units is your best bet for secure holiday decoration storage. These spaces are kept between a consistent range of temperatures year-round to prevent moisture damage, discoloration, and other catastrophic results of extreme weather.

Christmas Tree Storage

Often the centerpiece of your home’s décor, your Christmas tree deserves special attention regarding holiday decoration storage. Properly storing your artificial tree can prolong its life and maintain its aesthetic appeal for years. This can also save you money over time, as you won’t have to go out and buy a new tree every year.

Carefully disassemble your tree based on the manufacturer’s instructions, usually starting from the top. Unplug any electrical cords you encounter and keep them untangled as you go. After that, place the pieces in a sturdy plastic tub, cardboard box, undamaged duffel bag, or Christmas tree bag, and make sure no branches are exposed.

How To Store A Wreath

Wreaths, due to their size and delicate nature, can be challenging to store. The ideal solution involves using a specially designed wreath storage box. If you don’t have one on hand, an easy alternative is to wrap the wreath securely in a plastic bag (or trash bag) and hang it on a hook in a closet. This will prevent it from bending or taking other damage.

Storing Christmas Lights

The annual struggle with tangled Christmas lights can be easily avoided by properly storing them. Before you begin, inspect each bulb on each string to see if any can be thrown out, as any way to declutter your Christmas decorations can help. From there, wrap your lights carefully around a plastic spool or piece of cardboard, then wrap that in tissue paper or other padding. This will keep them neatly organized and easy to unwind for next year’s celebration. 

A bunch of colorful ornaments kept in a tidy ornament storage box.

Ornament Storage Tips

Ornaments, particularly those made of glass or ceramic, require careful attention while storing Christmas decorations. Each ornament should be individually wrapped in tissue paper or foam padding to prevent scratches or breakage. An ornament storage box with dividers is the ideal destination, as it prevents them from knocking against each other. You should place heavier ornaments at the bottom of the box and lighter ones at the top to avoid damage as you go.

How To Organize Your Storage Unit

Renting a self storage unit and tactically organizing your things can help keep your items in good shape and save you time. Label each box you fill with its contents and the room in your home from which it originates. Arrange your items strategically, keeping frequently used items at the front for easy access and less frequently used items toward the back. If you want to go all out, you can even buy shelving units to assemble that allow you to utilize vertical space.

Rent Seasonal Storage From KO Storage

When decorating your home for Christmas, you shouldn’t have to worry about finding a place to keep everything once the holiday season ends. Save yourself the trouble by investing in some additional space with KO Storage. Our storage units are the perfect place to stash decorations like your artificial tree, ornaments, and lights until next Christmas rolls around.
To guarantee you find the right amount of space, we offer storage units in a wide variety of sizes. Use our helpful unit size guide tool to calculate what you need. You can also explore our packing and moving tips page and list of frequently asked questions for additional information.

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