5′ x 5′ Small
  • Climate Controlled
Web Rate $59
5′ x 10′ Small
  • Climate Controlled
Web Rate $74
8′ x 10′ Medium
  • Climate Controlled
Web Rate $104
8′ x 14′ Large
  • Climate Controlled
Web Rate $179
10′ x 14′ Large
  • Climate Controlled
Web Rate $179

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KO Storage of Jamestown – 18th St SW

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Storage Units in Valley City, ND

You deserve to feel comfortable in your home and workplace. When you need some additional space to make that possible, come to KO Storage. We offer a wide variety of affordable storage units in Valley City, ND, with options available in many convenient sizes. Whether you’re looking for personal storage or a business storage space, we’ve got the answer.

Our Valley City storage facility is located right off I-94 and Main Street out on the western edge of town. We’re right by LaCita Mexican, City Lights Supper Club Lounge, and the Calvary Baptist Church, and just down the road from NAPA Auto Parts, Burger King, and Subway. Aside from local businesses, we’re not far from the Sheyenne River and the Bjornson Park Municipal Golf Course. Our proximity to I-94 makes us an accessible choice for anyone looking for self storage in Valley City and its surrounding communities, including:

  • Sanborn
  • Tower City
  • Jamestown
  • Rogers
  • Litchville
  • Oriska

Valley City, ND, Storage Features at KO Storage

At KO Storage, our mission is to set you up for success with the best self storage experience possible. To make this a reality, we’ve equipped our storage facility in Valley City with a number of top-tier features designed to make you feel comfortable. This is clear before you even arrive, as we offer convenient online payments and online storage rentals in Valley City. Other amenities offered with our Mt. Pleasant storage units include:

  • Mini storage units
  • Drive up storage units
  • Access seven days a week
  • 24/7 online storage rentals
  • Highway storage
  • Container storage units
  • And more

Climate-Controlled Storage in Valley City, ND

Living in North Dakota means dealing with long, brutal winters and constant changes in temperature. These chaotic conditions can cause damage to your things if not accounted for, including warping, fading, discoloration, and more. Give your belongings the best protection by renting climate-controlled storage in Valley City from KO Storage. We offer many sizes of climate-controlled storage units in Valley City to ensure you find the space you need for furniture, electronics, and other items made of sensitive materials like leather, vinyl, or wood.

Drive-Up Storage Units in Valley City, ND

Moving multiple large or heavy items? Worried about carrying your things down a long hallway or parking lot? Fear not, as KO Storage offers accessible drive-up storage units in Valley City. You’ll be able to load and unload with ease when you rent from us, as you can turn into our facility and pull up right next to your space. For a seamless and flexible experience, rent drive-up storage in Valley City from KO Storage.

Rent Your Valley City, ND, Storage Unit Online Today!

Open up some much-needed space around your home or place of business with KO Storage. We offer a quality selection of self storage in Valley City, with units available across several sizes and specifications. With amenities like drive-up storage and climate-controlled storage in place, we’re confident you’ll be satisfied when you rent from our storage facility in Valley City.

Struggling to figure out what to rent? Our unit size guide can help you calculate how much space you need. You can also explore our blog and list of frequently asked questions for additional info. Once you’re ready, contact us online or give us a call to start the process today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Storage in Valley City, ND

What sizes of storage units in Valley City, ND, do you offer?

KO Storage is committed to creating storage solutions to fit everyone’s needs. We offer a wide variety of Valley City storage unit sizes to guarantee you find what you need, including:

  • 5×5
  • 5×8
  • 5×10
  • 7×10
  • 8×10
  • 8×20

Where can I find student storage near Valley City State College?

One of our top demographics at KO Storage is college students, as we’re a top choice for student storage in Valley City, ND. Our convenient location off I-94 places us around five minutes away from the campus of Valley City State College. We exclusively offer month-to-month storage rentals in Valley City, so you’ll have your space exactly as long as you need it. Finding student storage near Valley City State College is easy with KO Storage.

When can I access my storage unit in Valley City, ND?

We proudly provide access to our self storage units in Valley City seven days a week, 365 days a year. You can easily gain entry to our facility between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. any day.

How can I pay for my Valley City, ND, storage unit?

It’s easy! To simplify the process, KO Storage has set up an online payment portal that lets you quickly pay your bill from anywhere. Just sign on via your mobile or desktop browser and follow the instructions to never miss a payment again!

Features & Amenities

Every storage feature is designed from scratch against standards forged from years of experience in the self storage industry. The result is a high quality consistent customer experience you can count on.

All Major Credit Cards Accepted
Auto Pay
Climate Controlled Units
Drive Through Building Access
Drive-Up Access
Enclosed Boat RV and Auto Storage
Well Lit
Wide Drives

Regional Insights for Valley City, ND

Whether you’re relocating to a new city, downsizing, or renovating your home, KO Storage offers a practical way to temporarily store your belongings. Self-storage allows you to declutter your space, making the moving process more efficient and organized. This ensures that your possessions are safely stowed away until you’re ready to settle into your new home, making the transition smoother and less stressful. Moving and KO Storage work together to offer a flexible and convenient approach to managing your belongings during times of change. But we also want to help you get accustomed to your new area, that’s why we’ve done the research and assembled this Valley City area guide.

History of Valley City, ND:

Valley City, North Dakota, holds a rich tapestry of history woven into the fabric of its landscape. Nestled in the Sheyenne River Valley, this quaint city boasts a heritage rooted in the pioneering spirit of the American Midwest. Its story begins in the latter half of the 19th century when settlers, drawn by the promise of fertile land and abundant resources, began to stake their claims in the area. The city’s origins can be traced back to the Northern Pacific Railway, whose tracks reached the valley in the 1870s, sparking a period of rapid growth and development. Originally known as “Wakpa Ipaksan” by the Dakota Sioux, meaning “River of the Woods,” Valley City emerged as a vital hub along the railway, facilitating trade and commerce throughout the region. The town’s strategic location on the banks of the Sheyenne River further enhanced its importance, providing a natural avenue for transportation and communication. As the population swelled, Valley City flourished into a bustling community, with merchants, farmers, and entrepreneurs flocking to its streets. In 1883, the city was officially incorporated, marking a milestone in its evolution. Throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Valley City continued to thrive, buoyed by the agricultural boom sweeping across the Great Plains. The surrounding farmland proved to be incredibly fertile, yielding bountiful harvests of wheat, corn, and other crops. However, like many towns of its era, Valley City faced its share of challenges, including fires, floods, and economic downturns. Yet, each time adversity struck, the resilient spirit of its inhabitants prevailed, rebuilding and revitalizing their community.

Schools in Valley City:

At the heart of its educational system are its public schools, overseen by the Valley City Public School District #2. The district encompasses several institutions dedicated to providing quality education to the community’s youth. Washington Elementary School, Jefferson Elementary School, and Lincoln Elementary School serve as the foundational pillars of early childhood education, nurturing young minds and instilling a love for learning from an early age. For middle school students, Valley City Junior High School offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to prepare them for the challenges of high school and beyond. At the high school level, Valley City High School stands as a beacon of academic excellence, offering a wide range of courses and extracurricular activities to cater to diverse interests and talents. From advanced placement classes to athletics and fine arts programs, students have ample opportunities to excel and explore their passions. The school’s commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment has earned it a reputation for producing well-rounded graduates prepared for success in college and beyond. In addition to its public schools, Valley City is home to several private and parochial institutions that provide alternative educational options for families in the area. St. Catherine Elementary School, affiliated with the local Catholic church, offers a faith-based education grounded in Christian values, while the Sheyenne Valley Area Career and Technology Center provides vocational training and career-focused programs to students seeking hands-on learning experiences. Beyond primary and secondary education, Valley City is also home to Valley City State University (VCSU), a vibrant institution of higher learning that has been a cornerstone of the community since its founding in 1890. VCSU offers a diverse array of undergraduate and graduate programs across various disciplines, including education, business, science, and the arts.\

Valley City’s Diverse and Robust Economy:

Valley City, North Dakota, may be known for its picturesque landscapes and rich history, but it’s also home to a thriving business community. From longstanding institutions to innovative startups, the city boasts a diverse array of enterprises that contribute to its economic vitality. Serving as the backbone of education in the community, Valley City Public Schools provide quality learning experiences for students from kindergarten through high school, preparing them for success in the future. As a leading healthcare provider in the region, CHI Mercy Health delivers comprehensive medical services, including primary care, specialty care, and emergency services, to residents of Valley City and beyond. Supporting the local agricultural industry, AgCountry Farm Credit Services provides financial products and services to farmers and rural communities, helping them thrive in a competitive market. A staple of the community, Leevers Foods is a family-owned grocery store offering a wide selection of fresh produce, meats, and household essentials to shoppers in Valley City. As a trusted automotive dealership, Miller Motors provides sales, service, and repairs for a variety of vehicle makes and models, catering to the needs of drivers throughout the area. With a commitment to personalized service and community involvement, Dacotah Bank offers a range of banking and financial services to individuals, businesses, and agricultural producers in Valley City. Specializing in high-quality meats and specialty food products, Valley Meat Supply has been a trusted source for delicious fare and culinary expertise in Valley City for generations. As a popular dining destination, The Vault offers a diverse menu of American cuisine, craft cocktails, and live entertainment, creating a vibrant atmosphere for locals and visitors alike to enjoy. Catering to outdoor enthusiasts and DIY enthusiasts, Runnings is a retail store offering a wide range of products, including sporting goods, hardware, pet supplies, and more, to meet the diverse needs of Valley City residents.

Discover Valley City: A Blend of History, Culture, and Outdoor Charm:

Nestled in the picturesque Sheyenne River Valley, the city and its surrounding area are teeming with opportunities for adventure and relaxation. For outdoor enthusiasts, a visit to the Sheyenne National Grassland is a must. This vast expanse of prairie and woodland offers miles of hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the region. The Sheyenne River, winding its way through the valley, provides ample opportunities for fishing, kayaking, and canoeing, while nearby lakes like Lake Ashtabula offer boating and swimming options. History buffs will delight in exploring Valley City’s rich heritage, which is preserved in its many historic sites and museums. The Barnes County Historical Society Museum showcases artifacts and exhibits detailing the area’s pioneer past, while the Medicine Wheel Park offers a fascinating glimpse into Native American culture and history. The historic buildings and architecture that line Central Avenue, the city’s main thoroughfare, provide a charming backdrop for leisurely strolls and photo opportunities. For those seeking cultural enrichment, Valley City boasts a vibrant arts scene with galleries, theaters, and performance spaces showcasing the talents of local artists and performers. The Valley City Fine Arts Center hosts a variety of concerts, plays, and art exhibitions throughout the year, while the North Dakota Winter Show Event Center features rodeos, concerts, and other entertainment events. Foodies will find plenty to savor in Valley City, with a diverse array of dining options to suit every palate. From cozy cafes serving up hearty breakfasts to upscale restaurants offering gourmet cuisine, there’s no shortage of delicious fare to sample. Be sure to try the local specialties, such as Norwegian lefse or lutefisk, at one of the city’s many eateries.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Please note that we wrote one review about 6-7 months ago, We have since added a new one right below the first one. We invite you to read on to hear more about… Read More

Please note that we wrote one review about 6-7 months ago, We have since added a new one right below the first one. We invite you to read on to hear more about what this excellent business has done for us and the community. KO was very good….especially Corey and Maybel, (unless it was Maribel) and Sheyenne. My daughter and I are disabled and when the movers backed out because of weather, they all helped. Others in the Minnesota office were rude and not helpful. We are very thankful for those 3, especially Corey. Thank you! This is a new review! As I mentioned previously, my daughter and I were so grateful for the tremendous help we got from the people we mentioned. However this year we encountered difficulties we could not have predicted. I broke my hip and ended up in the hospital for 3 months. And during that time, my beautiful daughter was found to have died in her sleep. That was July, it is now October, and we still do not have a cause for her passing. Because I am physically incapable of moving boxes and the added cost of a funeral, we were financially unable to keep up. Once again, Corey found ways to help us so we would be able to keep my daughter’s very precious belongings for her two young children. I hope that KO Storage really appreciates all that he, Corey, does for this business. There are no words to adequately express our gratitude for the excellent facilities and support from a manager as fine as Corey. Our sincere wishes to you for continued success with your fine business.

Mary Beth Ferguson

Thank you so much for all your help and letting us move out earlier than planned. Everyone we talked to was wonderful to deal with. We have everything out so y… Read More

Thank you so much for all your help and letting us move out earlier than planned. Everyone we talked to was wonderful to deal with. We have everything out so you can rent to another person anytime. Thanks Kim Kraft

Kim Kraft

Victoria was very helpful with giving me accurate information and answering all of my questions. She was very professional and pleasant to speak with

Deb Roos

Great experience with KO, all of my storage needs were met at a reasonable price. I especially enjoyed my call with Lyric and the professionalism she displayed … Read More

Great experience with KO, all of my storage needs were met at a reasonable price. I especially enjoyed my call with Lyric and the professionalism she displayed during our conversation. I will definitely use KO again if I have a need for storage.

Bob Blackburn

I loved the facility, it was wonderful that is climate controlled and it was secure. Corey the on sight manager is a wonderful person to work with, any question… Read More

I loved the facility, it was wonderful that is climate controlled and it was secure. Corey the on sight manager is a wonderful person to work with, any questions or concerns I had, he was quick to respond. He keeps it very clean and neat. I gave up my unit, because it was just getting to expensive for me.

Laurie Hatcher