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Self Storage Units in Baton Rouge, LA

Nestled in southeast Louisiana, Baton Rouge pulsates with the energy of its eclectic culture and 300-year-old legacy. Satisfy your taste buds with diverse culinary delights, soak in the beauty of the Mississippi River, and discover the charm of historic landmarks throughout the city. Dive into the thriving arts scene, or celebrate life during lively festivals and events year-round.

Are you moving to Baton Rouge or need to tidy up your space at home? Look no further than KO Storage in Baton Rouge, LA. Our affordable storage options cater to residents, businesses, and students alike. Choose from various storage unit sizes with flexible month-to-month leases and premium amenities to store the contents of your garage or office.

KO Storage is your solution for hassle-free storage in Baton Rouge. Find a storage facility near you, or contact us today to reserve your new storage space!

Convenient and Accessible Storage Units in Baton Rouge, LA

Given the presence of esteemed institutions like Louisiana State University, Louisiana Culinary Institute, Baton Rouge Community College, Southern University and A&M College, and Delta College of Arts and Technology nearby, there’s a significant need for accessible and affordable student storage solutions. At KO Storage in Baton Rouge, LA, we prioritize students’ needs with our budget-friendly options and flexible leases, making storage easy.

Our commitment extends beyond affordability as we ensure a seamless experience by providing secure, well-maintained facilities complemented by a range of premium storage features with every storage unit rental.

  • Access seven days a week
  • All major credit cards accepted
  • Autopay and online payment options
  • Ground-level units
  • Month-to-month leases
  • And more

Secure Storage Units in Baton Rouge, LA

At KO Storage, we understand the importance of feeling secure about your belongings when you leave the premises. That’s why we’ve implemented premier security measures for your peace of mind. Our personalized PIN entry system, 24-hour digital surveillance, well-lit facility, and fencing help ensure that only authorized individuals can access the facility. You can breathe easy knowing your items are in good hands with us at KO Storage in Baton Rouge.

If you’re looking for a reliable place to store your belongings in Baton Rouge, LA, you’re in the right place. The average monthly price for a non-climate-controlled storage unit in Baton Rouge is around $88. Our selected facilities in Baton Rouge offer a variety of storage features, including advanced security systems with electronic gates and surveillance cameras. You’ll also enjoy conveniences such as drive-up access, flexible month-to-month leases, and automatic payment options.

Finding the perfect storage unit in Baton Rouge is easy. Browse our extensive listings, select the unit size and features that suit your needs, and contact the facility manager to reserve your space.

Baton Rouge provides a wide array of storage solutions to ensure you find the ideal fit for your requirements. Whether you need a small unit for a few items or a larger one for all your belongings, including vehicles, our options cover every storage necessity. Prices for storage units in Baton Rouge start as low as $28 and can go up to $270, depending on the unit size and amenities.

For additional protection, consider utilizing our tenant insurance, which protects you from damages from theft and weather.

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Take control of your space at home or in the office with KO Storage in Baton Rouge, LA. Our self storage facilities offer convenience and affordability throughout the city. Enjoy flexible month-to-month leasing and easy online payments for a stress-free storage experience from start to finish.

Explore helpful storage advice on our blog or contact our team for assistance. KO Storage provides reliable and cost-effective storage solutions to students, businesses, and homeowners across Louisiana. Ready to declutter with confidence? Begin your Baton Rouge storage journey today, and locate a KO Storage facility near you. Rent or reserve a storage unit now!

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“Easy to rent and when it came time to be done with the rental they where just as helpful”

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“Great storage! Good location! Clean and large units and no rodents! Love the temperature controlled environment option! Gate hours are great too! When I was first moving in the agent who helped me was wonderful! I regret I can’t remember her name; s…”


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Frequently Asked Questions About Storage in Baton Rouge, LA

Are there any KO Storage facilities with climate control in Baton Rouge?

We have climate-controlled storage units at the following Baton Rouge area locations:

What size storage units are available in Baton Rouge?

  • 5×5. Equivalent to a standard walk-in closet
  • 5×10. Equivalent to a large shed
  • 10×10. Equivalent to half a standard-size garage and good for the contents of a one-bedroom home
  • 10×15. Equivalent to a large bedroom and good for the contents of a two-bedroom home
  • 10×20. Equivalent to a small garage and good for the contents of a midsize home
  • 10×30. Equivalent to a large garage and good for the contents of a large home
  • Covered Parking. Our range of vehicle storage sizes can cater to boats, cars, and RVs

Check out our storage unit size guide to better visualize what size unit will fit your needs.

What’s the Average Price of a Storage Unit in Baton Rouge?

Unit SizeLowest PriceAverage PriceHighest Price

Start your storage journey in Baton Rouge, LA, with confidence! Our facilities are strategically located throughout the city, offering secure and accessible storage units. Sort through our listings based on cost and available amenities, and learn more about climate control options, access types, and security measures. Choose the unit that matches your needs and secure it promptly.

Renting a storage unit provides a safe place for your belongings, whether for the short term or long term. All of our facilities offer flexible monthly rental options, allowing you to move in and out at your convenience. Whether you need storage for a month or a year, extending your rental period or upgrading to a different-sized unit is hassle-free, ensuring you always have the ideal storage solution at your disposal.

Discover the numerous benefits of self-storage in Baton Rouge, LA! From decluttering your home to protecting valuable possessions and recreational vehicles, our storage facilities cater to a wide range of needs. Opt for climate-controlled units to protect sensitive belongings from humidity and temperature changes or choose spacious RV and boat storage for your leisure activities.

What are the Recent Housing and Storage Trends in Baton Rouge?

Baton Rouge has seen a significant rise in both housing and storage demands. With a population of around 225,000 residents, Baton Rouge has experienced growth, particularly in the housing market. The median house value in Baton Rouge is $202,000, with a homeownership rate of 55%. This growth has led to an increased need for storage solutions, prompting the expansion of storage facilities in the area. Additionally, the trend of remote work and the popularity of outdoor activities such as boating and RVing have boosted the demand for storage units. As a result, storage facilities have adapted to offer a diverse range of unit sizes, amenities, and rental options to cater to the evolving needs of Baton Rouge’s residents.

Baton Rouge, LA, Storage Options Abound:

Non-Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Units: Store items unaffected by humidity or extreme temperatures in non-climate-controlled units. Available both indoors and outdoors, with outdoor units typically featuring easy drive-up access. The average monthly rate for a non-climate-controlled unit is $58.

RV Self-Storage: Keep your RV in prime condition for your next journey with secure RV storage options. The average monthly cost for RV storage is $95.

Boat Storage: Ensure your boat is ready for your next water adventure with boat storage facilities. The average monthly rent for boat storage is $98.

Enjoy the convenience of self-storage in Baton Rouge, LA! Whether transitioning between homes, needing additional space for your belongings, or storing recreational vehicles, our storage facilities integrate seamlessly with your lifestyle. Join the many satisfied customers who enjoy secure and accessible storage solutions that cater to the vibrant community of Baton Rouge.

Begin your storage journey today with peace of mind in Baton Rouge, LA!