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Self Storage Units in Keystone, FL

Nestled at the southern edge of Clay County, Keystone Heights, FL, is a serene town with approximately 2,000 residents. You can unwind at Stone’s Irish Pub or enjoy a boat ride on Lake Santa Fe.

Despite being a smaller city, Keystone Heights offers plenty of storage options, including top-notch self storage facilities provided by KO Storage. Whether you seek to declutter your home or enhance your business efficiency, our diverse storage units and convenient locations across town ensure a seamless storage journey.

Drive-Up Storage in Keystone Heights, FL

Our Keystone Heights facilities provide drive-up storage units in various sizes to cater to your needs. The ease of drive-up access ensures a seamless loading and unloading experience. Just park right outside your storage unit and move your belongings from your vehicle. With these units, there’s no need to haul heavy stuff over long distances anymore.

Climate-Controlled Storage in Keystone Heights, FL

In Keystone Heights, FL, KO Storage provides climate-controlled storage units to shield your belongings from the intense summer heat prevalent in Florida. Our climate-controlled units maintain a stable temperature tailored to the season, helping protect your items from potential damage. This option is especially beneficial for shielding temperature-sensitive belongings such as:

  • Electronics
  • Wooden furniture
  • Important documents
  • Artwork
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • And more

Explore our online size guide to discover the best climate-controlled storage unit for your needs.

Rent Your Keystone Heights Storage Unit Today

Discover an extensive range of small, medium, and large self storage units at KO Storage in Keystone Heights, FL. Say goodbye to your home or business clutter by storing heavy appliances and temperature-sensitive items with us. Explore our FAQ page, blog, and packing and moving tips page to learn how to maximize your storage in Keystone Heights. Contact us online to secure your rental or reservation today!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Amanda Cordova

“I was happy that I got the locker rented now the fun in start moving stuff in. Bittersweet after living in same place for 10 years. But ready for the future”

Latrece Ervin

“My questions were answered she was very respectful great customer service”

Matthew Hintz

“I just wish it was all blacktop and not part dirt/blacktop.”

Stuart McColloch

“I called for a couple of reasons and she helped me out immensely I didn’t feel inconvenient that she was polite and she helped me with what I needed and she really made me feel like a person not a number or a unit or anything like that so I say KO is…”

Peggy Testerman

“I haven’t moved in yet but the lady in the office was great! She explained everything perfectly.”

Chad Phelps

“Victoria was great! Professional, courteous, knowledgable, and super helpful! She made the rental process painless and quick! Thank you!!”

Kelly Rainey

“It was easy to rent a storage unit online, the unit was clean and it is nice to come and go as you want.”

brittany Curl

“This storage is a very clean spacious and great price. I definitely recommend.”

Lawrence Murtz

“The staff were extremely helpful and very understanding. I had a special request to see the unit before I purchased it. They were very accommodating and courteous. I’m thankful for their understanding in my situation and their willingness to help. Th…”

Dane Strickler

“I chose the Gray, ME location because of the rate and convenience. I took advantage of the 25% off a 10 x 10 for 2 mos, signed off on my lease agreement online and moved in the same day. Very easy. Their customer service is great as well. Someone ac…”

Cobey Barlow

“Awesome job good experience”

Cecelia Wight

“I needed to get storage and save money and was treated with respect and in a quick manner. It was so easy and fun. I cannot wait to live in! Thanks!”

Frequently Asked Questions About Storage in Keystone, FL

Where are your Keystone Heights storage facilities located?

Our KO Storage facilities in Keystone Heights, FL, can be found at:

How do I rent a storage unit in Keystone Heights, FL?

Utilize our online portal to easily rent or reserve a storage unit in Keystone Heights and arrange your preferred payment method.

What size storage units do you offer?

  • 5×5. Equivalent to a standard walk-in closet
  • 5×10. Equivalent to a large shed
  • 10×10. Equivalent to half a standard-size garage and good for the contents of a one-bedroom home
  • 10×15. Equivalent to a large bedroom and good for the contents of a two-bedroom home
  • 10×20. Equivalent to a small garage and good for the contents of a midsize home
  • 10×30. Equivalent to a large garage and good for the contents of a large home
  • Covered Parking. Our range of vehicle storage sizes can cater to boats, cars, and RVs

Do you offer month-to-month storage in Keystone Heights, FL?

We aim to offer you a customized and convenient storage experience. We provide month-to-month storage rentals, allowing you to retain your space for as long as necessary. This flexible option caters to those with various needs, including travelers, movers, and business storage renters.