Must-Have Accessories and Gear for Your Boat

Two kids are at the front of a boat, wearing lifejackets.

As the warmth of spring slowly builds into the true heat of summer, so too does our excitement to go back to our favorite place—the water. If you’re anything like us here at KO Storage, summer is your favorite season because it’s boating season, and few things are better than drinks and some music with our closest friends on a gentle day in July.

As with anything worth doing, we encourage you to do it well. That means maximizing fun and safety for the best experience possible for everyone involved by equipping your boat with the gear and accessories needed to bring the most out of your getaway upon the waves.

If you don’t know where to start with something like that, don’t worry—we’re here for you. Here’s our guide to your best summer boating season yet and all the memories that come with it.

Safety and Fun in Your Boating Gear

Nobody likes having fun dampened by talk of safe practices and security concerns, but we promise this is more pleasant than an alternative where something preventable goes wrong. You owe it to yourself and the company to ensure your summer boating gear is up to snuff.

As such, here are some safety measures and boat accessories you should take before embarking on your next voyage:

Life Jackets 

Synonymous with water safety, you should have at least as many life jackets as the number of people aboard your craft, ideally more, in case some don’t fit your passengers or one malfunction. It isn’t enough just to have the life jackets—you should also walk through the proper procedure for wearing them before ever leaving shore. This is the most essential safety device, so don’t skimp on quality. It could save a life.

Fire Extinguisher

It’s uncommon but not impossible for a boat to catch fire. Usually, this is caused by an engine failure, often preceded by smoke. If your boat does catch fire, you’ll be thankful you had a fire extinguisher aboard. Make sure to check its quality annually, as they can expire. If neglected, one is liable to fail when you need it most.

Distress Signals

All boats must carry United States Coast Guard-approved distress signals, no matter when they intend to embark. These most commonly come as signal flares fired into the sky, especially useful at night, bright colored flags, and emitting smoke from a canister. The official color to use for emergencies is orange smoke for your canister. You should have a variety of visual distress signals available in your summer boating repertoire at all times.

First Aid Kits 

A first aid kit is an essential boat accessory. We’d go so far as to say every vehicle you own should have a first aid kit somewhere inside, whether seafaring or otherwise. The utility of a good first aid kit can prevent most minor problems from becoming worse. It should include spare EpiPens, inhalers, or other devices for those with additional health conditions when possible.

There is no way to prepare for every possible situation. Still, you can at least do your due diligence by equipping your boating gear with practical safety tools that address all the most likely problems you’ll encounter while on the water.

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Water Toys for a Summer Boating Blast

OK, it’s time for the fun part: the water toys and trinkets that add a little kick to your boating excursion. Pull those paddleboards out of your vehicle storage unit, and let’s go paddling.

  • Towable inner tubes. Few things are as thrilling as riding the wake of a boat at full speed. Wear your life jacket when not aboard the boat, including skimming across the water in your tube.
  • Paddleboards and kayaks. These boat accessories are especially nice on calm, low-traffic waters. Once you’ve found a good spot on the water to yourself, hop on/in one of these and enjoy.
  • Frisbees and other pool toys. Throw on your life jackets and bring your land game to the water.
  • Water blasters. Nothing beats an old-fashioned water fight. With your blaster of choice at your side, who could possibly stop you?

Keep Your Boating Accessories Safe with KO Storage

Boating season can’t be a round-the-clock affair. So, what do you do when the summer boating season is winding down and you need somewhere to store your rig? Fortunately, KO Storage has a practical, time-tested solution just for you! We offer outdoor vehicle storage spaces and indoor self storage units of several sizes that can help in many ways.
Are you looking for boat storage in D’Iberville near Mullett Lake and Magnolia Bend? KO Storage’s facilities offer options for parking, climate-controlled storage, and more at our storage facility on Gorenflo Road and our storage center on LeMoyne Boulevard.

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