RV, Boat, and Auto Storage

Maintaining enough space in your garage, driveway, or cul-de-sac for all your vehicles can be tough. Depending on where you live, you may not even have a place to park at all. Many neighborhoods and HOAs also prohibit outdoor parking of certain vehicles, which can make things quite complicated.

KO Storage is here to help with several options for RV, boat, and auto storage. We offer vehicle storage units at most of our storage facilities, with a mixture of indoor and outdoor parking spaces available. We can accommodate seasonal and long-term vehicle storage, as we offer flexible month-to-month storage leases that put the power back in your hands.

Benefits of Vehicle Storage

Many benefits come with renting storage space for your vehicle with KO Storage. Our indoor vehicle storage units and outdoor parking spaces are designed to make storage easy and hassle-free. We’re confident you’ll have a comfortable moving day experience with us, as many of our storage facilities have wide and accessible driving aisles.

We greatly value our tenants’ peace of mind. To make you feel comfortable about storing your car with us, we have various security measures in place at all our storage facilities. Most of our locations are fully fenced, and many have an electronic front gate that requires keypad entry for access. Depending on where you rent, we also have video cameras recording the premises at select locations to add to the secure storage experience.

Types of Vehicle Storage

Car Storage

There are many reasons you might want to rent car storage. Maybe you’re in the middle of a move or are trying to sell your ride. You also may be working on a fixer-upper or like to collect vintage cars. Whatever the case may be, renting a storage unit or parking space for your car can help. KO Storage offers drive-up storage units in convenient sizes along with outdoor parking spaces, both covered and uncovered.

Boat Storage

Nothing beats a day on the water, whether you’re fishing, swimming, or just floating along the waves. As fun as this is, finding a place to keep your boat when you return home can be equally tough. KO Storage offers dedicated boat parking options for a range of watercraft, including fishing boats, Jet Skis, pontoon boats, kayaks, canoes, and more. With extended access hours, you’ll be able to quickly come and go.

RV Storage

RVs and other recreational vehicles are some of the hardest things to find space for. In addition to simply being huge, many neighborhoods or HOAs don’t allow you to park these vehicles outside. If your RV, camper, or trailer is taking up unnecessary space at home, rent RV storage from KO Storage. We have large drive-up units that can fit trailers and smaller campers, along with outdoor storage spots perfect to park your RV.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Vehicle Storage

After you find a KO Storage facility near you that offers vehicle storage, you need to decide whether you need an indoor unit or an outdoor space. An indoor vehicle storage solution typically offers more protection from the outside elements, especially if you rent a climate-controlled unit. Renting an outdoor unit makes more sense for larger and more rugged vehicles and is often the most economical option. Pay close attention to whether your outdoor space is covered or uncovered, though, as extended sun exposure can cause damage to some vehicles.

Seasonal Vehicle Storage

Sometimes you don’t need to store your car for long. That’s why KO Storage offers flexible options for temporary or seasonal vehicle storage. Our month-to-month car storage leases put the power back in your hands, as you’ll have complete say over how long you keep your space. You can keep your boats, RVs, or other outdoor vehicles with us during the winter, leave your tailgate vehicle in our lot, or park your car here while traveling or in the midst of another major life move.

Rent Affordable Boat, Car, and RV Storage With KO Storage

Do yourself a favor and find a convenient home for your extra vehicles with KO Storage. We offer many options for car, boat, and RV storage at our storage facilities across the country. Whether you’re looking for month-to-month car storage or a long-term place to park your ride, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of frequently asked questions to learn more, then give us a call or contact us online to get started today!