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Temperature-Controlled Storage in
Owatonna, Minnesota

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As seasons change, so does the weather. At KO Storage, our temperature-controlled units ensure that your possessions are never negatively affected by the elements. These specially equipped units maintain optimal temperature levels all year-round, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that any environmentally sensitive items you may own are safe and cozy regardless of what Mother Nature is up to.

Is Temperature-Controlled Right for You?

Protect What’s Important

Particular items require controlled environments free of the effects of weather conditions outside. Belongings such as wooden or leather furniture, electronics (including computers), photos, artwork, musical instruments, medical equipment, and more can all be negatively affected by moderate – in some cases, even mild – changes in temperature. Our temperature-controlled units may be just what you need to keep certain items safe. If you’re not sure if you need a temperature-controlled unit, reach out! Our storage professionals are ready to assist you.

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