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Temperature-Controlled Storage

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Not all your belongings are created equal. When it comes to self storage, some of the things we love need an added layer of protection. That’s why KO Storage offers temperature-controlled storage. These specialty units maintain a safe, consistent temperature at all times. This is the kind of unit you want when storing items that can be negatively affected by the seasonal climate shifts and range of temperatures we experience here in San Benito, Texas. 

Why Temperature Control?

What You Need to Know

While many of the items you place in self storage will not require a temperature-controlled unit, there are items that could benefit from this option. Some of the items that can be adversely affected by extreme shifts in temperature include musical instruments, electronics, wood or leather furniture,  artwork, or photographs. Not sure if you need a temperature-controlled unit? Reach out! Our friendly storage professionals are here and eager to help.

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